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Launch Rockets | Save Polar Bears | Build Skyscrapers | Cure Diseases


Be a Smart Investor.
You want to invest in a fund that meets both your investment goals, but also fuels your passions. We offer what crowdfunding sites and robo-advisors can't. Sophisticated access into Silicon Valley, Energy and Realty projects - without high minimums or high fees.


26.5% Rate of Return

"Five Star RatingFive Star RatingFive Star RatingFive Star RatingFive Star Rating"
"Holy crap. You rock! Truly."

- Jason Young, Fund Limited Partner


Expert Venture Capital Investors on Your Side
With seven exits and one IPO in their own right as founder CEO's, Kxter's executive team has more than 200 years of collective venture capital experience and has generated over $3 billion in net asset value for investors.

Stay out of the Weeds
With Kxter, you will never have to guess. There is no need to search countless crowdfunding sites. We invest you alongside the top 20 venture funds in Silicon Valley and select projects based on our experience.




Invest Direct or via Your Advisor
You have the option of investing directly or via your investment or wealth advisor. Either way you get the benefit of low fees and a managed portfolio of alternative investments.

ETF Style

Similar to an ETF, Kxter invests in a large basket of venture backed startups and growth companies across multiple industries, platforms and sectors. Once we see the winners appear, we double down on specific investments to boost returns.

Do You Have the Time to Invest Like a Pro?
Kxter invests your money for you with a minimal amount of work. We meet with startups and review investments every day. Are you doing the same?


Kxter Advisers LLC is an exempt investment adviser in the State of California. Kxter Fund One LLC (“Kxter”) is offering its membership interests under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D of the private offering exemption of the Securities Act. Kxter is a Third Country Alternative Investment Manager registered with the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. Kxter is an Exempt International Dealer under NI-31-103 in Canada. For filings and additional information please see country specific Disclosures.